Monday, October 17, 2011

Baby Shower

Lets just get to the pics, shall we...

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For the cake, I iced it with chocolate buttercream then I made the cowboy boots and the A out of fondant, the banner was made from burlap and 2 skewers. The cupcakes were iced in buttercream, then topped with fondant babies and cowboy hats and bandana pics that I printed up. I made rice krispie treats (hay bales) and smores on a stick, so easy, here is where I found them, The Decorated Cookie.
The wish crate was a hit, I covered the crate in chicken wire and covered clothespins in pretty paper, After guests wrote their wishes and tips they pinned them up.
I covered an old cork board in burlap, then added the frame with a silhouette of a mom and baby for her gift table.

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Saturday, October 15, 2011


I was there, minding my own business in the ole GW, when the back doors flew open and out comes this man, just carrying this rocking chair like it was a burden to him, Gahhh. It must be rescued from his hands. Afterall, Grandma's must have their own rocking chair too, Right? Here she is
Can you see that price?
Even though she was in perfect condition, I needed to distress her a bit, so with a bit of sandpaper I went to work, not much, but, just enough. With my 9 month pregnant daughter, I thought it would be funny for her to be sitting on a nest of eggs. Off I go to The Graphics Fairy, I used graphite paper, traced it, then hand painted it with acrylic paints, then sealed it. I'm linking up there today, come pay her a visit.
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Isn't she cute?

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sonagrams and Sunshine

My daughter who is carrying my first grandbaby, a BOY, went for her last ultrasound. To say it was an amazing thing to see is an Understatement. For me to even pretend to know what a 4D U/S is a joke, But I love it. The details are just phenomenal. Here see for yourself.
His little face = pure LOVE. She is due anytime now and he weighs 7.8 already. This Grandma cannot hold this bundle of sunshine fast enough.